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DLTK's Custom Chore Chart
(or Star Charts)

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Our custom chore charts will allow you to create and print a themed chart that you can hang on the fridge or wall to help remind your children of the chores they need to take care of.  You add your own title to the chart and then customize the row and column headings.  Choose a picture for the top of your chore chart from a variety of themes.  You can create your chart in color or black and white so that you child has something to color before hanging it on the fridge.  Enjoy!

Ready?  Click here to begin


Thanks to Shauna for this suggestion:
"I wanted to suggest that after you've created your chart you can get your child to color it and then get it laminated so that you can just wipe it clean every week. Saves a lot of paper in the end and it only cost a couple of dollars to get it laminated."


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