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BINGO Extra Fun:

You can also add to the game by requiring an answer or an action.


Caller picks the next image/number from the hat.  It is a heart.  

Everyone with a heart gathers together in a little group.  The caller looks on her question sheet.  The next question on the sheet is "What does 2 + 4 equal?"  

Everyone in the 'heart group' discusses the question and comes up with an answer.  If they get it right, they return to their seat and mark their square.  If they get it wrong, they return to their seat and the heart goes back in the hat (where it can be chosen again at a later time). 

You can do bible questions to go with bible bingo, math questions to go with number bingo, etc. 

Sources of Questions:

BIBLE QUESTIONS:  print out Bible Quiz questions and answers

CANADA QUESTIONS:  print out Canada Trivia questions and answers

GENERAL INTEREST:  use Junior Trivial Pursuit cards, Cranium Cadoo or some other board game cards

MATH QUESTIONS:  use printable math worksheets from KidZone Math

PHYSICAL EDUCATION:  have the children do an activity such as 5 jumping jacks, 5 toe touches, 5 in place jogs, etc

SPELLING QUESTIONS:  word lists (dolch word lists work well and are split up by grade)


Printable Version of these suggestions.


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